Do I Start Running? Plus, Tips To Protect Your Knees And Legs From Running Injuries

Dec 13, 2023
Do I Start Running? Plus, Tips To Protect Your Knees And Legs From Running Injuries

How Do I Start Running And Prevent Running Injuries? 

There’s been an amazing atmosphere in Repair Recover Restore over the past week, with many of our patients excited to get back running with others… or jogging, or walking… with the return of the NYC Marathon happening next month. 
Lots of our patients took up outdoor exercise as a hobby over the last year or so, when gyms and wellness centres were closed, and this weekend has been the first occasion for people to take part in a real outdoor event with other people. 


Even if you don’t consider yourself a runner (yet), almost anyone that wants to get active, can prepare themself to run or walk a 5k (or any length!) by slowly getting started. We’re going to provide our blog readers with some tips to help you start running or walking 5k safely, without causing running injuries.
Community runs are a huge event, and there’s plenty of runs across Westchester and beyond. Getting involved with them is a great way to get fit and healthy, and the best thing about them is that they are totally free to do. 
The whole ethos behind these events is that they’re all inclusive: you can run, sprint, jog, or walk the 5k, 10k, half and full marathon distances and there’s absolutely no pressure on anyone.
You don’t need to be a particular fitness level to join!  


Even if you don’t run, and you jog, walk, or sprint, all our little health secrets are great for anyone, but they are especially great reading for anyone aged 50+, and for those that are looking to get more active. 
This blog post is our ultimate guide to start running. We have all the expert tips to help you prepare for local runs and reach the start and finish lines feeling confident. As well as the injury dangers to look out for! 


Tips to protect your knees and legs from injuries…
Choosing the right footwear for running


Not everything is stylish unfortunately! Stick to Velcro or lace shoes rather than those high heels! The tighter the laces are, the less movement you cause on your knees and legs, which is healthier in the long run (as long as your laces don’t restrict blood flow from being too tight). 
The real problem is that you’ll never know what’s happening until you see some swelling or feel the heat leaving your knees. Your joints are under more added stress if your footwear isn’t protecting it by absorbing the shock from the pavement. 


Look for the hidden dangers during running
You’d be wise to mix it up a little and alternative between beach, grassland, and a nice flat tarmac surface and occasionally, hills or woodland is fine, too. Be wary of gravel and uneven surfaces, these can test your balance and cause unnecessary stress on your vital joints, especially the calf muscles that keep you up-right.
Stretching exercises for runners


One vital thing you can do to prepare yourself for running is to stretch before you go. Just some simple exercises to elasticate those muscles (especially in your legs) are key to preventing further injury!
Don’t know how to stretch properly? Contact our office to schedule a 1 to 1 session to learn the best tricks of the trade!
Tips to start running…


Prepare for the run  
You cannot run effectively and safely without preparing! Creating a list of essentials that you might need is something that every top runner does.  
H4: Here’s our basic essential list to get started: 


  • Pick appropriate clothes and footwear
  • Choose the right water bottle 
  • Grab your fitness tracker (if you have one!)  
  • Light and breezy clothing  


Get rid of those pre-run jitters! 


If you’re feeling nervous, you’re not alone! Many new runners worry they’re “too slow” or they will be last or not finish at all. Facing your fears and overcoming them will give you a huge confidence boost.
Remember, that it’s not a competition. Because there’s such a wide range of abilities, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re only competing against yourself. How about setting a goal to do your best and have fun. Walk with your friends, smile, relax and enjoy the fresh air! 


Feel proud of yourself after your run


Running or walking your first 5K (or 3.1 miles) is an exciting goal, a popular distance for first timers and the perfect way to get active and have some fun while exercising.


Crossing the finish line of your first race will be something you’ll remember for a long time. And improving your personal best time is a goal that can continue to stay with you as a runner. But be warned… those feelings of accomplishment and excitement can be very addicting!
Tips on getting started at Westchester events…


Many official running events have small fees but not necessarily all of them. Be sure to check with your local races to see what costs there may be but be sure to look for some which are free for everyone. If you’re not a fan of running on your own, they’re a great way to connect with other people. Most events encourage going for a post-run coffee too! It’s a great way to socialize and make new friends. 
Are you getting ready to lace up your running trainers? Here’s how to get involved: 
Find and register for your first run:


There are several sites you can find different events, we like https://localraces.com/ for the variety of cities you can look up races and sign up directly!
You don’t have to run! 


The running community is for everyone and is an extremely supportive group, so you won’t feel alone in the race, no matter what your speed is or how long it takes. Getting involved with running in this way and learning your pace gradually, is essential to staying injury-free 
Let us know if you’ve completed any runs over the weekend,
Happy running, jogging, or walking! 
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