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How Can We Help?

As Rehab Chiropractors, we use physical therapy to help people become and stay active throughout life get back to living the life they want and deserve. This means a life free from painkillers and pills where you can do all the sports and activities you love without worrying about going to the doctor without the fear of pain or injury holding you back.

We’ll also give you a full understanding of what’s happening in your body and why it’s happening so that you can be confident in your movements and not live in fear of injury.

Why Choose Us?

We’re DIFFERENT than any other treatment you’ve received because of our commitment to YOUR care:

•One-on-one treatment with one of our practitioners. You won’t be rushed through appointments without a chance to share your story and concerns — We’ll listen to you.
•We know you’re committed to your sport and activities that you love, and we’re committed to helping you return to them as quickly as possible without pain.
•We believe your body is strong and resilient, and we are committed to educating and encouraging you to feel confident in your movements so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle.
•You'll receive physical therapy treatments that are backed by the most current and cutting-edge research in the field of chiropractic and physical therapy. Our doctors are committed to knowing the best and most applicable research-based treatments that will not only treat your pain but set you up for a lifetime of healthy movement.
•You’ll see the SAME practitioner at every appointment, and your time will not be shared with other patients.

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Meet The Team

Dr. Stephen Handler

With almost two decades of experience in the fitness community, Dr. Steve gets people moving again even after years of aches and pains.

Dr. Steve graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2015 and has specialized with athletes ever since. 

Dr. Steve furthered his education with several post-graduate courses and seminars focusing on injuries found in the gym and on the field of play. Steve has had the privilege of caring for and working with a variety of clients: from school-aged children to retirees, from homemakers to business professionals, from weekend warriors to professional athletes and Olympians.

Dr. Steve and his wife, Jenna, enjoy spending time finding the best physical activities and hiking trails in their area and staying active whenever they can when Steve isn’t working with his clients to improve their lives.

Dr. Marlissa Fondechene

Dr. Marlissa Fondechene has a passion for helping others perform their best. Like many of her patients, she once had painful injuries that kept her from exercising and performing the way she needed. Upon receiving proper care, she developed a passion to help others the way she was. After receiving her degree in Biology from St. John’s University, she attended New York Chiropractic College where she received her Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Dr. Marlissa is a certified in Rock Tape, Neuromuscular Re-education, Upper Extremity Active Release Technique, Functional Range Conditioning and continues to attend seminars annually to provide her patients with the best care possible.

In her leisure time, you can find Dr. Marlissa exercising, flowing through yoga postures and spending time with her son Bo and husband as well as her beloved pets Amber and Miley.

"My first visit with Dr. Handler was wonderful. Although it was only an initial examination I walked out of there feeling much better. I would highly recommend giving him a try if you are looking for a good chiropractor."

Katherine S.

Definitely was by far the best appt and adjustment I have had ever! I was looking for a new chiropractor that was closer to work. He listened to what my issues were and definitely tackled and developed a plan to prevent pain and issues in the future! Definitely looking forward to our game plan!

Sheena M.

Dr. Stephen was very welcoming on my initial visit. He was very attentive to my questions and has applied a few techniques I am not familiar with from my prior chiropractic visits. I felt immediately better after the appointment. However, I still have some issues that may require subsequent visits.


Dr. Handler is the man! He really helped me with a lower back issue I have been dealing with for months. So much so, that he told me I likely wouldn’t need to return for further treatment. He really knows his stuff!

Daniel V.

I had such a great experience with Dr. Marlissa. She was professional and the appointment was so relaxing. She listened to my concerns and gave me tips on how to fix my problems at home as well! I highly recommend her and I can't wait to go back!

Brian O.

Dr. Fondechene took great care to understand my pain and experience leading me to R3. She explained everything in terms I could understand and answered my many questions thoroughly. Will definitely recommend to anyone experiencing pain who hasn’t gotten the desired relief thru traditional western medicine options (i.e. orthopedist) or who might want to explore other treatment options in lieu of surgery and medication. Moving forward I’ll start here first!

Doreen G.

My visit with Dr. Marlissa was amazing! I felt immediate relief after this first visit, which made me very optimistic about the back pain I've been experiencing. She was very effective, courteous, professional and informative. Thank you! Highly Recommended! 


Dr. Marlissa has alleviated my pain for an assortment of ailments. She is very knowlegable in an array of topics. She loves to educate her patients as well. Not only am I pain-free, she as also taught vast amount of exercises and stretches to continue to stay limber & strong.


I went to two other docs before Dr. Marlissa and she is the only one who could tell me what was wrong, and I had it for months! Nothing even that crazy just a muscle problem but she found it and helped so much. Pain is pretty much gone!



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