• Why Do I Have Knee Pain While Going Up and Down Stairs?

    This question was asked by one of our new clients who is suffering from knee pain: “Dr. Steve, I’ve suffered with an on-off type of knee pain now f...
  • Do I Start Running? Plus, Tips To Protect Your Knees And Legs From Running Injuries

    Tips to protect your knees and legs from injuries…

    Choosing the right footwear for running

    Not everything is stylish unfortunately! Stick to Velcro or lace shoes rather than those high heels! The tighter the laces are, the less movement you cause on your knees and legs, which is healthier in the long run (as long as your laces don’t restrict blood flow from being too tight). 

    The real problem is that you’ll never know what’s happening until you see some swelling or feel the heat leaving your knees. Your joints are under more added stress if your footwear isn’t protecting it by absorbing the shock from the pavement.